Register documents on the Ethereum blockchain

  • Timestamp your documents

  • Prove document ownership

  • Verify document integrity

  • Maintain document secrecy

How it works

  • 1

    Add Documents

    Select documents that you want to register using the form above.

  • 2

    We Compute a cryptographic hash

    We use the SHA 256 algorithm to compute a hash of your files. This is done in your browser so the contents of your files remain confidential.

  • 3

    We store your hashes on the Ethereum blockchain

    We store the SHA 256 hash of your email, the SHA 256 hash of your file and a timestamp on the Ethereum blockchain. The timestamp is generated by the blockchain, so there is no chance of tampering.

  • 4

    You get mail

    Once the blockchain confirms storage of your record, we notify you by email. This typically takes a few minutes.