Do I need Ether to use DocStamp?

No you do not need Ether to use DocStamp. We accept funds in USD.

Do you store my documents?

No. We do not store the contents of your document anywhere.

Why do you need my email?

We store a hash (SHA-1) of your email along with your document hash. This is to prevent someone else from claiming ownership of a registered document in case of theft.

Are the contents of my documents safe?

Absolutely! We only store the cryptographic hash of your documents. The hash is calculated on your computer and serves as a fingerprint for your document. It is impossible to reconstruct your document from this hash.

Why should I use DocStamp?

DocStamp is implemented using a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. When you record a document using DocStamp, you are guaranteed that this record is immutable. This information cannot be lost, it cannot be modified even by governments and you can always verify this information even if DocStamp is down

Can I use DocStamp for contracts?

Yes. Scan a copy of the physically signed contract and DocStamp it!

How do I verify documents that I have notarized?

When should I use DocStamp?

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